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Quilting Free-motion Victorian Feathers

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In this one-hour course Karen McTavish teaches her technique for quilting free-motion Victorian feathers. The technique eliminates the need to pre-mark each feather. Karen also reviews a collection of over twenty diverse and stunning quilt examples that incorporate free-motion feathers.

Freehand feathers are beautiful and versatile. They can work in any part of a quilt, and on traditional, modern, pieced, trapuntoed, and appliquéd quilts. Feathers also combine with other quilting patterns with stunning results.

The technique is fun, and it saves you time. After you build your confidence you'll develop an intuitive sense of how to work with a quilt as you make in-the-moment decisions about where to apply feathers.

from Karen

My hope is that this course expands your vision of what you can do, giving you the skills and confidence to creatively incorporate feathers into your own work.


what you learn

If you're a beginner, you'll learn how to get started efficiently with a beautiful and useful technique. If you're an advanced quilter this course will grow your confidence and introduce you to new possibilities.

Course structure

The course covers these topics:

related footage

Bump bump back over close-up is an optional supplement to the course. Karen draws a series of feathers on paper and slowly walks through the steps of the "bump bump back over" technique. Watch this video if you need a quick, focused tutorial to help you get more solid with the technique.

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slow train series: freehand feathers is a 25-minute unnarrated video that shows adding feathers to traditional, appliqué, and modern quilts. Extended close-up shots show the rhythm of Karen's work and let you study her approach. Footage of Cheryl Dennison's work on a domestic machine is also featured.

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We extend appreciation and acknowledgement to all the quilters and others who gave permission to use their work in this project:

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