Welcome Frank Palmer to McTavish Quilting Studio

We are extremely excited to announce that we have another full time quilter in the studio! Frank Palmer offers so much to our quilting community. He comes to us with a modern style of quilting called Hybrid Custom- this is a less intense quilting style that is often seen in the Modern Quilting movement. Please visit his website at http://www.fullfrontalquilts.com/

With the addition to Frank - we will be able to offer our customers three unique styles of quilting: 

- Custom/Heirloom Complex Quilting

- Modern Quilting Custom

- Computerized Quilting

In addition to Frank's machine quilting talent, he will also be repairing domestic machines for our community, is a Avon Representative, Travel Agent and offer classes on dying and finishing quilts. If you need to read Frank directly - please contact him at negativitysucks@gmail.com