Road to California "Outstanding Modern Quilt" award 2017

Mary Kerr, author of "Twisted- Vintage Quilts with a modern twist" commissioned me to quilt her "Z is for Zoe" vintage quilt about a year ago for her book. Today I received a call that her quilt won "Outstanding Modern Quilt" - which is mind blowing. Road to California is likely the most competitive quilt show in the world, based solely on original work. The show prides itself on originality and creative expression. I didn't know the quilt was entered in the show, and I also didn't know it would be judged when it was quilted. I did quilt the quilt for publication and wanted the quilting to show up  on the page. In all honesty, using high contrasting thread felt very vulnerable and was not my comfort zone.  The prize award is $5,000 and that is split between the owner of the quilt and the quilter. I also subtract any amounts paid to me for quilting and incorporate it into the award. Its a win/win for both parties and we all walk away feeling great.

Karen McTavish1 Comment